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wifeju_hubju's Journal

Marital Debate Community
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Marital Debate Community
Did some busy body say you were lazy for staying at home? Do you hate when people assume you changed your last name? Do you just generally like to debate about stuff?

Then you might like it here...

No deleting comments or posts. For any reason. Just don't. You can be banned.

All posts must be unlocked.

Follow Livejournal's Terms of Service, if you don't you will be banned from here, and will potentially get in trouble with LJ - don't post other peoples' pictures and please, no racial slurs, no personal attacks - racist/personal attacks will get you banned.

Stay out of personal journals and under no circumstances is it acceptable to bring personal information gleaned from another member's journal into a debate. Furthermore do not bring information from their personal journal or another community here to use as ammunition to attack someone with. Not only is that a lazy and pathetic debate style, it's something you will get banned for.

No whining to the mods if you get snarked here or elsewhere for what you say here. This is not a "safespace". However, if someone breaks the above rules and you have screencaps or links, feel free to either message a mod, or e-mail mammaniciATyahooDOTcom.

Anyone can post, posts must be debates in debate form, debates must be relationship related.

Anyone can join, we don't really care. However, creating a sock account to get around being banned, or any other form of "ban evasion" will be reported to LJ abuse.